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Self-Awareness & The Gospel

If you are reading this, well then, you have survived what I call the "self-help era". The Self-Help Era was the time that our culture figured out that there are some very serious things wrong with the world. And part of what is wrong with the world is that each one of us has a nasty set of flaws. Yeah, each one of us! Even your sweet old God fearing grandmother. She is broken in some drastic ways.

Despite the fact that this realization is pronounced in the scriptures over and over, societies reaction was not a biblical one. Instead, we decided that the brokenness of society could be fixed by an endless series of books, blogs, and talk shows that sought to give us some best practices and "how-to" our way out of the human messes we've made of ourselves. 

The problem is that billions of dollars and millions of books later, we are still broken, We still struggle to control our harmful urges, and we aren't any closer to having healthy relationships. The real tragedy is that in trying to conform ourselves, we may have gotten further away from God.

In "Self-Awareness & The Gospel" Pastor Orion shows helps us understand the Image of God, who we are, how we are broken, and how God makes us new! We don't just need behavioral modifications, we need the real Jesus, the whole Gospel, and new identities in Christ!

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