Orion is a Pastor who grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Finding success in sports, school and entrepreneurship he thought he'd take this life by storm. Unfortunately, generational addiction, abuse, depression and a deep emptiness led him in a very different and destructive direction. In complete hopeless one night in 1994 he stumbled into a church service and encountered the presence of God. Later that night, he read the book of Romans and upon reading "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus", in Romans 8:1 his spiritual eyes were opened to the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and the great news of the gospel!

Almost immediately after conversion, Orion devoted himself to ministry in and outside of the local church. He became a student of the bible and the constant practice of prayer, believing that it is possible to walk with God as the bible teaches.


After growing up in the Lord and attending ministry school his career has spanned many different areas of ministry and business like; an evangelist doing street ministry, a pastor of an established church, a writer for websites and blogs, an entrepreneur, he has planted churches in Hawaii, Kansas City, and a network of church plants in West Africa. Today while continuing to pastor he serves church leaders across the country as a coach, consultant, and a pastor to pastors.

While he loves writing, pastoring and helping churches thrive, Orion's greatest joy and achievement is found at home with his beautiful wife Amy, his daughter Riley, and his son Luke. They are his joy, and more than anything else he loves to spend time with them and see them flourish in the Lord.